Touring In and around Vienna

Vienna is an extraordinary charming and delightful city, it has offers for everyone. Explore Vienna with me!


St. Stephen's cathedral - old symbol newly discovered

Many Viennese pass by this emblem carelessly. Even visitors often spend only 10 minutes at St. Stephen’s cathedral. Although the dome has so much to tell us.

This symbol of Vienna has a changeful history. And if you count so many years there is a lot of legends and tales. Discover with me the mystic symbolism of numbers in small details on the facade or on the inside also the historic background of the cathedral. Also Viennese can learn something new on this tour.

Duration: 1,5 h, private tour: €230 up to 10 people, €270 up to 20 persons, €300 up to 30 participants
Entry fee cathedral: €5/ person (July 2023): not included in the price

Small lanes, legends and stories.

In the Old Town Vienna you find introspective lanes and backyards, where time seems to stand still. Do you know e.g. the Heiligenkreuzer Hof, where you find remains of the Babenberg-times?

I will take you on the traces of the Medieval Vienna. Be astonished by newly discovered house marks and get to know neat and hidden corners with their anecdotes and stories. Learn about the Viennese basilisk and meet Mozart, when we gaze into a Vienna long gone.

Duration: 1,5 – 2 h, private tour: €230 up to 10 people, €270 up to 20 persons, €300 up to 30 participants

bike in front of sunset

Vienna by bike

You want to discover more than you’d be able walking in a short time? As a side-effect you want to do sporting activities? You want to get to know paths used by Viennese also? Then a bike-tour might be just the right thing for you!

Start your bike tour in one of the green lungs of the city and get to know already one of the symbols of Vienna: the Giant-Ferries-Wheel. Passing by Hundertwasser-Haus we are exploring the inner city, where we get to know more highlights of Vienna. If you don’t have your own bike, you can just rent one at the beginning of our tour. In the inner city sometimes we have to walk the bike through pedestrian zones.

Duration: 1,5 – 2 h, private tour: €230 up to 10 people, €270 up to 20 persons, €300 up to 30 participants, whispers all in €80, bring your own bike or rent one (simple bike for 3 hours appr. €15)

Vienna at first sight - Classic highlights of a great town in charming anecdotes

If you are in Vienna for the first time, this is your tour through the Inner City of Vienna. In amusing and quaint anecdotes you discover the history of Vienna.

Do you know what the Golden U is? Where the Habsburg family used to get married? Where to find horse stables in the middle of the city? That there was a curious conflict about the Sacher cake during decades? That in the Inner city you can find a city of the dead with more than 10.000 deceased?

This and much more you will experience in our tour through the Old Town of Vienna.

Duration: 1,5 – 2 h, private tour: €230 up to 10 people, €270 up to 20 persons, €300 up to 30 participants

The Freemason in Vienna

What do Mozart and Henry Ford have in common? The Freemason in Vienna

A men’s union, the Freemason – all conspirers? This alliance still blows a whiff of mysticism and secretiveness. But the Freemason are to be found in the register of associations and their ideals are well known.

Duration: 2 h, private tour: €250 up to 10 persons, €280 up to 20 people, €310 up to 30 participants

Tours made to measure - Walks after your fancy

Do you want to laugh a lot during your tour? Are you fascinated by the Imperial or the Morbid Vienna? Would you like your tour to be sportive or focused on music? Or are you interested in stories and legends?

You tell me, which traces you want to follow and what you are interested in and we create a walk after your fancy.

We find out which Vienna you prefer! Don’t hesitate to write me.

Cost depending on inquiry

Music in Vienna

Music is omnipresent in Vienna. There are more than 60 concert halls, 25 international orchestras and many addresses connected to famous musicians. Discover more about the musical face of Vienna.

Vienna is not only famous for the New Years Concert, which happens by the way not in the State Opera House (as often falsely assumed). Also the Ball Season from November to February brings international public, some to the Opera Ball. Well-known composers have lived and worked – and we don’t talk only about Beethoven and Mozart.

Duration: 1,5 – 2 h, private tour: €230 up to 10 people, €270 up to 20 persons, €300 up to 30 participants

The Viennese State Opera House + optional a walk “Music in Vienna”

State Opera House. Look behind the scenes of one of the best opera houses in the world.

The Austrian State Opera House is not only of international reputation it has also a changeful history paved with well-known names.

Discover with me the first public magnificent building of the Vienna Ringstraße. Learn how you can participate at the opening of the Opera Ball and why none of both architects experienced the big opening of this unique music house.

Duration: 50 mins., combinable with a walk dedicated to music in Vienna + about 40 mins. Private tour: €200 up to 10 persons, €240 up to 20 participants, Entry fee to Opera House is not included (adults €12, Senior citizens €9 – as in may 2022)

Guided tour Opera House + Music in Vienna: €230 up to 10 persons, €270 up to 20 persons (Entry fee to the Opera House not included)


Walks for children with quiz. Vienna for junior researchers – fascinating stories and a quiz for young explorers

Tours Old Vienna

Young explorers travel with me in time focusing on “Stories and Legends of the Old Vienna”. We start in Roman Times and come through the Middle Ages up to the present. In our search for clues we get to know fascinating stories and amusing fairy tales. If you want you can participate in a quiz – 10 questions accompany us throughout the tour. You will learn one or another thing. Duration: 1 h.

Stops Tour 1: Church St. Ruprecht, Synagoge, Rotenturmstraße, Griechengasse

Stops Tour 2: Griechengasse, Fleischmarkt, Church, “House of the Death Doctor”, Schönlaterngasse

Stops Tour 3: Basilisk, Jesuitenplatz, Bäckerstraße, House symbol “Die Kuh, die am Brett spielt”

Tour St. Stephen’s cathedral out- and inside

One of the best-known symbols is St. Stephen’s cathedral. It has a lot to talk about. His history is changeful and if you count on so many years of existence, there are many legends and stories. In this tour we get to know many things about Vienna by aspects of the cathedral’s history, we discover small details on the facade and inside and get to know this cathedral with its stories and legends.

Tour St. Stephen’s cathedral to Imperial Palace

Along the Golden U, the most famous pedestrian streets in the inner city we start at St. Stephen’s cathedral and reach the Imperial Palace. So we get to know aspects of history from the Romans up to now. Also here legends are numerous and we meet not only Emperor Francis Joseph with his Sisi but also learn why a conflict about the Sacher cake lasted for decades.

Tour Ring Boulevard

The magnificent Boulevard of Vienna unites some of the most important buildings in Vienna. The “birth” of the Ringstraße was an important milestone in the city’s history, from which we will get an overview. We discover exciting details and curious stories about the most important buildings along the Ring.

Stops Tour 1: Ringstraße – State Opera House to Houses of Parliament

Stops Tour 2: Ringstraße – Houses of Parliament to Votive Church

Duration: 1 h, private tour: €140 up to 10 children, €160 up to 20 children, prices for schools upon request

Sweet tour through Margareten - The 5th district is still an insider tip and ideal for everyone having a sweet tooth

Vienna offers fascinating corners also out of the Inner City. Margareten is still an insider tip and ideal for those having a sweet tooth. Let the sweet sides of Margareten seduce you aside the crowds.

Margareten is the 5th Viennese district (out of 23) and was formerly a suburb of Vienna with a rural nature. We meet famous personalities like Falco and corners looking like decades ago. For Gourmets this district offers quite something and I am not only talking about the sweet seducements. This is Vienna for the advanced visitor!

Duration: 1,5 – 2 h, private tour: €250 up to 10 persons, €280 up to 20 people, €310 up to 30 participants, €4/person for sweet treats not included


City of the Dead - Death must be Viennese (Georg Kreisler)

On the Central Cemetery rest more people than actually live in Vienna. Therefore the city of the dead is bigger than the city of the living. There are many classic tours exploring the Central Cemetery – this one is a little different.

Get to know interesting backgrounds of the development of the second biggest cemetery in Europe. Expierence bizarre facts about the special relation of Vienna to death. The Cemetery is a natural space and a smorgasbord of stories of some well-known deceased persons. Commemorate with me some local Viennese personalities and international celebrities.

Duration: 2 – 2,5 h, private tour: €270 up to 10 people, €310 up to 20 persons, €340 up to 30 participants

Imperial Vanitas - Crypt of the Habsburg Dynasty

The Capuchin Crypt, also known as “Imperial Crypt” is burial site of the Imperial family Habsburg since the beginning of the 17th century. Discover treasures, which reflect more than 400 years of Austrian and European history.

During centuries expanded several times, the best artists of their times create the chambers and this magnificent sarkophagus. Power and Mourning, mortality and finiteness, death and resurrection are the dominant topics.

Duration: 1,5 -2 h, private tour: €230 up to 10 persons, €270 up to 20 participants, Entry fee to Crypt not included (€8/adult, March 2022)

Crypt of the Habsburg Dynasty

Museum tour

Vienna offers a variety of internationally renowned museums with different focus, some of the collections are among the best in the world, e.g. the Museum of Natural History. Discover with me your favorite museum. Among others I am licenced in the following museums:

Schönbrunn Palace including the Wagenburg and the Gardens

Imperial Palace including the Imperial Treasury, the Imperial Apartments, the Sisi-Museum, the State Hall of the National Library

Belvedere Palace

Kunsthistorisches Museum

Museum of Natural History

World Museum



Funeral Museum



If you are interested in a museum, that is not listed, please send me a message. Prices upon request, excluding entry fees of the respective museum

Wachau – UNESCO World Heritage

Scenic landscapes, pictoresque villages and a good wine

The Wachau is one of the most stunning landscapes in Austria. Famous for wine and apricots, Göttweig or Melk Abbey, old ruins, mighty fortresses and castles, pittoresque small villages, taverns and Heurige (typical wine tavern) all that is to be discovered in this world heritag site.

The Wachau is about 30 km long and is formed by the Danube between Krems and Melk. Come with me to this unique region as you wish by boat, bicycle, the Wachau-train or your private limousine (not included in the price, I can assist with your booking).

Duration: from 5 h, prices from €350 up to 10 people, from €380 up to 20 persons and from €410 up to 30 participants (depending on the intended route)

Genuss im Wiener Wald

Vienna Woods - A metropolis’ green lung

Hidden in the Vienna Woods we will find lots of sights hidden in the middle of nature just outside of Vienna. Many hiking paths, Heurige (typical wine tavern), fortresses and abbeys wait to be discovered. Especially beautiful in summer!

This green short-distance recreation area nuzzles lunated around Vienna. These are the Eastern wooden extensions of the Alps, which are protected by a biosphere park. There we find the hunting lodge Mayerling, tragic spot of destiny of the Habsburg or the Monastery Heiligenkreuz, cistercian abbey dating back to the 12th century with many art treasures. Follow Beethoven’s path and enjoy a glass of wine at a Heurige. All this you can find at the Green Lung of Vienna!

Duration: from 5 h, prices from €350 up to 10 people, from €380 up to 20 persons and from €410 up to 30 participants (depending on the intended route)

Romantic Vienna

Perfect for your honeymoon is this tour with dreamy perspectives

Vienna, yes I doooo…. A tour with romantic stories and an option of a tour in a horse carriage, the well-known Fiaker, or a dreamy boat cruise for two. Option: professional photographer with scenic setting for the wedding album.

Vienna has hopelessly romantic sides. Dreamy stories you do not only find at the Court. And where romantic is, tragedy is never far. Discover with me Love in Vienna.

Duration: from 3 h, price/couple: from €250 guiding fee, excluding tours with Fiaker or boat, photographer, etc.

Love written on a wall in Vienna